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Swiss-made On Cloudracer Looks For Ironman Gold

If someone told you that a running shoe was an active participant in more than 40 racing victories and had been on the stage for more than 30 award podiums, you’d probably ask about what has made it so successful, right? Well, that shoe is from Swiss sports brand On, it’s called the On Cloudracer.

A featured shoe for the upcoming 2013 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, the Cloudracer is a running-specific shoe made for the road in mind, almost exclusively. The thinking behind the Cloudracer is that the human foot isn’t made to run on concrete (a non-naturally-occurring surface) and therefore distorts the way our body might absorb and disperse stress during such a high-impact exercise. The CloudTec system within the Cloudracer, at its roots, uses tubed rubber on the sole of the shoe and uses the both the rubber and the void space to make a cushioning system that is described as being like landing on sand and pushes off on a running track.

Some of the top athletes in the world have medaled and placed in running competitions across the world, including the USA’s Mary Beth Ellis. The Cloudracer itself has been featured on the feet of top runners from America, Mexico, and western Europe.

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