The 10 Best Skate Shoes of 2013

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This year saw technical advancements play a major role in the pro models segment of the skate footwear market, but many of the shoes listed here come from a minimalist direction. That “everything on the inside and not so much on the outside” formula has been working lately in skateboarding and you can imagine that trend will carry on into 2014. For now let’s take a look at the companies who got it right this year with The 10 Best Skate Shoes of 2013.


Reggie Altema is a Haitian writer from New Jersey who grew up obsessed with music and skateboarding but despised east coast winters, so the former Fat Beats New York employee escaped to Los Angeles where he could skate all year round. When he’s not out walking his pitbulls, he listens to Bebop and contributes to ESPN Skateboarding and Sneaker Report.

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  • vlagtr

    Osiris… really? Why no NB#?

  • Vojtsin

    Any list with a Nike SB is completely nonsens. Real skateboards don´t wear fucking SBs

    • diegosmarines

      LOL.. r u serious? You’re an ass! Why skaters can’t fckng use Nike SB? U hate janoski?

      • drg

        Nike is not an skate brand

        • Funkyfoot

          the blazers were on the first cover of thrasher

        • atomik

          Nike SB is a skate brand. Regular Nike’s aren’t. But the SB stands for Skate Boarding.

          • Chonny Barcelona

            I KNOW

        • at

          i wear shoes not FUCKING BRANDS

      • Chonny Barcelona


    • Aj

      A lot of skaters use Nike SB, they make some of the best skate shoes

      • Chonny Barcelona

        NO NO NO NO

    • LegitFartNugget

      poser company or not they make good shoes

    • joel

      what about luan what about ishod what about p rod what about stefan janoski what about shane oniel haha your a fcking fag

      • Vojtsin

        hey, cocksucker. I not saying shit bout the athletes…So, put a cock on ur mouth and shut up. I’m saying that Nike and Nike SB are companies that are only bloodysucking skateboards. And their fans are all shitty heads like u… Butit’s ok…U can still buying those PRods, actually it’s good that u buy that shit. So real skaters can buy real skate shoes. Peace

    • Chonny Barcelona


  • J-nads

    osiris makes some of the worst skate shoes. if you inserted in a great skate shoe that has been around forever go check out vans this site is garbage………nigga

  • Rick Stevenson

    I would tend to lean towards Osiris and Etnies myself. But in reality it’s whatever gives you the best flexibility and durability to perform at your peak.

    • ScottD

      lol did you read that page? it’s a joke.
      “It’s upper material is made of canvas that provides awesome durability, as well as reinforced high abrasion areas to keep you safe.”

  • rodney m

    Vans sk8 hi should be the winner…but my personal favor is es aura 1995. my first skate shoe… leather is thick..cushion ..padding insole are superb..sole gum are grip n sticky when wear its new breakin. cant find it anymore…in ebay…now i will go for etnies sal 23.

    • Noah McQuinn

      SK8-HI’s are old, Vans just brought them back and put them in the classics category, my friends told me that HI’s are uncomfortable anways. These are shoes that came out in 2013

  • joaquincito

    People, what about SUPRA??? It works so so good ahh

    • Sk8r

      Supra and SBs


    ok so im a average skater, and I bought the globe Sabbaths. well let me just say this now. They. Suck. their Ollie patch just makes your ollies very low despite high jumps as they don’t drag well. Also, the grip on the bottom went out in 2 DAYS! and I only skated like a hour a day for those 2 days and my griptape isn’t very coarse.

  • fuck you

    Nike an lunar one shots are actually ment for skating so don’t say Nike isn’t ment fir skating

  • fuck you

    Nike sb*

  • Sk8r

    Go to a skatepark lil kids evrey One where’s supra and nike SB

    • lol

      you sound like a lil kid can even spell wear

  • caleb

    Vojtsin, your stupid best skate shoes I ever owned where Nike Sb’s and why is supra not on the list?????

    • skate god

      supras arent to great for skateboarding until this year when thet dropped the TK lws

  • skate god

    i currently skate these shoes and i use mob tape and as all of us skaters now mob is horrible for shoes but the nike kostons are phenomenol for skateboarding ive had mine for about 2 months now and ive been skating them pretty hard and there still in great condition they have great snap and are pretty comfortable heelflips do wear away the pink nike sign but if youre a skater thats the risk youre willing to take ok lets talk about the sole the sole isint that goodthey wear away pretty easy but they do have grip all and all you cant go wrong with getting these thanks guys stay gnarly stay fresh and skate on!!

  • skate god

    etnies maranas are fucking garbage they fell apart in like 2 weeks and and i wasent even skating them hard the soles literally fell of the shoe fucking garbage ass peices of shit booty ass no good gay ass stupid ass fucking retarded salesman telling me there great dry cunt sucking ass whores

  • push forward

    It really also depends on your style of skating and preference. Big Vert and transition skaters will usually prefer a beefy cupsole shoe with a thick padding and sturdy support like the Globe Tilt or Fusion and even some “higher end” Osiris. If your more about street and casual park riding you probably prefer a shoe that is a little more low profile and easier to maneuver for flip tricks. I like the Supra vaider Lows. They are a good balance between durability and manueverabulity. And if you have ever owned Supras, you know that they take one hell of a beating. (most of there models anyways) I also like a lot of the Stuff Etnies and Globe put out, because of their long lasting durability and versatility.

  • cole

    yeah!!!!!! i got those same Renolds on right now.