10 Best Sneakers for Runners with Flat Feet

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Image via Newbalance.com

Image via Newbalance.com

Flat feet— the complete or near-total lack of an arch— was once thought to be enough to prohibit people from running (or even joining the military). But fortunately for us flat-footed Pheidippides, running shoes have evolved (even if our feet haven’t).

The key is stability and support. If you’re a flat-footed runner, than chances are good you’re also a runner who over-pronates, which means your foot (and ankle, knee and even hip) will thank you when you put more control and cushion underneath. Without that support, it’s common for your arch to “collapse” in, which has potential for injury. The stability and arch support in the 10 shoes that follow will provide that guidance during runs, and hopefully, help to keep you going injury-free.

Here are the best running shoes for flat feet.


Ryan Hudson is a contributing writer and avid runner who works as a social media manager in Washington, DC. If he’s not tweeting, that probably means Ryan is either training for a triathlon or eating a PB&J.

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  • chance

    This article is great if you’re suffering from attention from females, as any of the fore mentioned shoes (Lunar Glide aside if in a better colorway) will solve this

    • Jussy

      Unless the aforementioned females are also runners, or over-pronators, or not small-minded and shallow. Maybe the men (and women) wearing these shoes are swimmers or dancers whose training has led to them requiring additional support when cross training. Let’s not worry about that though, not everyone is so narrow-minded, or cares what people think of their appearance when they run.

      This was a really helpful post. Thank you!

  • Danny Boy

    Amazon’s outlet website now sells womens’ New Balance running and tennis shoes for $33-$66 incl. shipping, see “WOMEN” in http://bit.ly/1p2D53c

  • Anadsxm

    Any tips for someone who has flat and wide feet and curved ankles (with orthopedic insoles)? My husband used to wear the Brooks addiction sneakers but I read somewhere that the design and support has changed since he bought his last pair 4 years ago.

  • Jenniprc3

    I have a 6ft 160 lbs son who is flat footed and starting his first year as a sprinter. He will want nike or under armer shoes size 13. What would you recommend that would also be cost effect but protect his feet, ankles ans knees?