10 Brands Every Runner Should Know

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Te Araroa

Most athletes are picky about their gear, with runners perhaps at the top of the list as the most fickle. Most runners stick to the same brands for years, confident that they have found what works for them. Even though Sneaker Report respects brand loyalty, it’s good to remember what makes a great athlete is being able to push yourself into new and unfamiliar territority.

Challenge your wardrobe the same way you challenge your workout this spring. Branch out and try something new, whether it’s testing out an innovative running jacket or simply ditching those cotton socks. If you don’t already, here are 10 Brands Every Runner Should Know.

Calvy Click is the Editor-in-Chief of Sneaker Report. When she isn’t writing about performance footwear and apparel, you can find her running around Manhattan to Rick Ross anthems. 


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