10 Lacrosse Cleats You’ll See This Weekend and Why

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150518_NCAA Lacrosse_Syracuse vs Yale

It’s that time of year again. College Lacrosse is getting the special treatment as the final teams reach the NCAA tournament, now at the D1 level. As with any sport, brands use the sport’s biggest stage to wow the fans with super custom footwear, and you can be sure you’ll spot something “new” out on the field.This year, a limited number of companies are represented in the Final Four, as all teams are sponsored by either Nike or Warrior.

The University of Denver is sponsored by Warrior; Duke is with Brine school for padding, Nike for cleats and uniforms. (Both Warrior and Brine are owned by New Balance). Syracuse and Cornell will be stunting STX and Nike lacrosse gear, with Nike cleats exclusively.Mac Miller would be proud.

The big question of the weekend is whether we’ll see a new pair of Warrior Burn 6.0 cleats, which has a high chance considering that they are Warrior’s only team left in the tourney. Players will rock everything to lacrosse specific Nike cleats, like the Air Zoom Huaraches, but unlike in many other sports, you’ll also see football cleats all over, and sometimes even a soccer cleat can make its way out on to the field. Here are 10 Lacrosse Cleats You’ll See This Weekend and Why.


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