10 Retro Basketball Technologies that Still Work Today

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You think all of those Retro releases are outdated sneakers, don’t you? Featuring decades-old performance tech that couldn’t possibly work in today’s “modern” world of next-level footwear. The next time you think about saying certain basketball shoes are outdated,  refer to this list because we’re about to teach you about 10 Retro Basketball Technologies that Still Work Today.


Nightwing2303 is the owner/publisher of KicksOnCourt and contributor to Sneaker Report. He hoops on the regular and loves sneaker tech as much as he loves food, and he really loves his food. You can keep up with Nightwing2303′s on and off court adventures on Twitter and Instagram

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  • bluedragon

    very cool article. brings back memories. not sure on the CMR. in the 90s Fila was all about 2A and that tech was dope. the best cushioning tech I have ever played in. Fila Ampspeed was the best guard shoe I ever played in

    2A wasnt one of those techs you could easily feel walking around. it could only truly be experienced in-game. not at all soft or squishy but able to absorb high impact shocks and incredibly responsive. it consisted of structured foam/rubber pillars w/in a low pressure air unit. the performance was unlike anything else. for me it was the first cushioning system that combined the best of both worlds- shock absorption w/ seemingly instant energy return