10 Soccer Cleats We’d Like to See Back on Shelves

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Nike Vapor III

No. 1 – Nike Vapor III

Year Released: 2006

Widely regarded as one of the best performing boots ever released, I’m constantly emailed by fans who want to know where they can get their hands on a pair. This was a boot designed with one thing in mind – speed. The Nike design team worked to strip away all unnecessary materials to produce a boot tuned for faster players, while still providing comfort. Released in 2006, the authentic versions were handcrafted in Italy and they weighted 200 grams. In my opinion, it was the lightweight synthetic microfiber upper that people loved these most for. It adjusted to the shape of your foot while still providing lightweight protection, control and touch on the ball. You might still be able to find a beaten up pair somewhere on the market, but don’t bank on picking up a brand new pair.

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  • VA Soccer News

    I have a pair of these in blue and want to pick up a new pair because they are wearing out. Best cleat I have ever worn, even 4 years later.