10 Soccer Cleats We’d Like to See Back on Shelves

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Adidas Predator 1994

No. 6 – Adidas Predator 1994

Year Released: 1994

The very first Predator boot to be released definitely deserves a spot on this list. Why? Simply because there are not many people out there who would have had an opportunity to test them, yet now they would absolutely do anything to have the chance. On release, a lot of players were baffled by the concept of the design, yet they paved the way to one of the most iconic ranges ever produced. It was the rubberized zone covering the forefoot that created all the debate, with its intent to enable players to put unprecedented swerve onto the ball. Did it work? Yes, there was a definite level of swerve provided, but the released boot still needed a lot of development. These are every boot collectors dream pair – I’d personally just like 10 minutes in them just to strike a few free-kicks!

  • VA Soccer News

    I have a pair of these in blue and want to pick up a new pair because they are wearing out. Best cleat I have ever worn, even 4 years later.