10 Soccer Cleats We’d Like to See Back on Shelves

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Nike Tiempo Premier

No. 3 – Nike Tiempo Premier (or ’94)

Year Released: 1994

Released for the 1994 World Cup held in the US, this is a boot that holds a lot tradition. The upper was a soft but super durable black K-leather, like the real kind of leather that so many players thrive off wearing. And the fold over tongue provided a very iconic and polished look. In the ’94 World Cup Final, Romario who led Brazil and Italy’s Paolo Maldini both sported the Nike Tiempo Premier. Because of its popularity, we were actually treated to a rerelease of the Tiempo Premier in 2009 and guess what happened; the Tiempo ‘94 sold out extremely quickly! People still crave this boot and I am sure if there is another chance to pick up a pair, it will disappear before you know it.

  • VA Soccer News

    I have a pair of these in blue and want to pick up a new pair because they are wearing out. Best cleat I have ever worn, even 4 years later.