25 Classic NBA Players and the Sneakers They Should Have Worn

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We always debate over how ball players of the past would hold up against our soon-to-be legends of today. While NBA fans did get a glimpse of MJ versus Kobe, not both players were in their prime, so the need continues to go unsatisfied. Could Nique have out-dunked Blake Griffin? Would Bernard King give Melo 40? Obviously we’ll never know (unless scientists get their act together and make with the time machines already, it’s 2013) but it would be interesting to see if the stars of the past would have had an on-court advantage with better technology on their feet. Sneaker Report has rised to the call, here are 25 Classic NBA Players and the Sneakers They Should Have Worn.

Written by Terrence Watson (@LowerEastScribe) / Art by Erin Kelly (@erinkelly_)


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  • JD

    hahahaha sorry but they really look like clowns in those shoes =))

  • DX

    puro Nike at Jordan lang….

  • thedoctorisaway

    i wonder how much better they would have played wearing performance basketball shoes

  • Robby

    The picture with Bill Walton has he wrong shoes. You said the Ektio Breakaways nut you have him wearing Wraptors