The 12 Best NBA Players to Follow on Instagram

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nba instagram

Generally speaking, professional basketball players are a flashy bunch. From sneakers, to jerseys, to training gear, and beyond, players get all sorts of hookups, and they’re not afraid to show it. And thanks to the beauty of social media, in this case Instagram, as fans we get to see it all first hand.

These days, getting a behind-the-scene’s look at your favorite NBA players is easier than ever. All you have to do is sign onto Instagram and start trolling. While not all pro ballers are on IG—we see you Dirk—those who are can be an excellent go-to source for all you performance tech nerds (us included). To narrow down the field, we’ve put together the following list of the 12 NBA players to follow on Instagram (according to the gear that they flaunt).


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