The 10 Best Recovery Shoes This Summer

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If you’re spending $80 and upwards for your game-time shoe selects, consider playing a balancing act for your feet with a pair of post-game comforters.

The recovery footwear market is a growing one, supplying less Croc-like moccasins of years past and more fresh-out-the-lab slippers worthy of night after the game. A great pair of recovery shoes allows your feet to breathe, your toes to relax and spread out as needed, and supplies extra cushioning for needed arch support and heel cradling.

Whether you’re stepping off the court, field, or simply need to show your feet some love, here are The 10 Best Recovery Shoes This Summer.


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  • Carla Jean Krum

    I am not surprised that They are number one! They also have a thong type sandal and a clog shoe with the same amazing foot bed!