Warming Up To The Icebug Acceleritas 3

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Photo via Chris Randise

Category: Trail Running
Best For: Wet, Snowy, Off-Road Conditions
Star Feature:
Weight: 7 oz
Drop: 4mm

Cold weather and snow doesn’t mean bundle up with a hot chocolate and sit on the couch. Get the confidence to go back outside and take advantage of the winter season. Although it may seem difficult to keep up with those runs, the Icebug Accerleritas 3 leaves you with no excuse.

Icebug wasn’t a brand I was familiar with so that made me a little more eager and excited to try them out. Before lacing up, I thought it would be important to get a little background information on the company. Icebug is a Swedish based company that really found their niche in 2001 after teaming up with quasi Canadian/American Sid Kastner, the inventor of Icebugs dynamic “always on traction” stud technology. So long story short – Swedish parent company, North American technology and tested in both Canada and Sweden, two places with pretty challenging winter terrains.

Here’s how the Icebug Acceritas 3 stacked up.