The Pros and Cons of 3D Technology in the Footwear Industry

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The way we make performance footwear and gear is about to change, constant improvement to 3D software and printing technology has made the technology more accessible than ever. For a skilled designer, 3D modeling can provide a fully realistic, interactive, 360 degree view of a product instantly—3D printing allows you to actually have a tangible model made in a matter of hours as opposed to months, and at a fraction of previous costs. However, if not handled correctly it could cut out an incredible amount of skill, creativity and quality. Let’s weigh out the pros and the cons of 3D printing, as this new technology could make major waves in the industry in the next few years.

MrBailey is a footwear designer / developer consultant and the co-founder of the custom lifestyle footwear brand, lūp. He also owns and operates the footwear design, development and marketing agency, FTWRDSGN and is the founder and editor of the footwear design website, Concept Kicks.

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