The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers to Wear if You Need Extra Ankle Support

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No. 5 – Under Armour Spine Bionic BB

Key Features: Micro G Foam, TPU heel counter

Building off of the UA Spine technology, this basketball shoe is made to cushion and rebound your heel-strike energy for optimum performance. The mesh tongue works with the Micro G sockliner to mold to your foot for a responsive, cushioned ride with the added support from a TPU heel counter.


  • Oh Eye See you are one too!

    Glad to see my favorite looking shoe is also a top pick for player safety!!! Never even heard of those Jordan xx8’s.. Interesting design but that price?.?.
    Great article!

  • John Adams

    dwight howard 3 is still the best shoe for ankle since its the tallest . micro g from underarmour is taller, but it looks just like 2 flaps around your ankle. my second choice is the 2011 zig slash , and third would be lebron james, but it cost to much

  • Casey

    The full length air unit in this provides a compressing platform for which the ankle can roll off of so lateral stability is actually more of a risk here…
    Does anybody here actually understand the mechanics of an inverted ankle?

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  • Ben

    The Ektio shoes are the best for ankle support hands down. I’ve seen them recommended on a few different sites, so I finally caved and bought a pair. Best decision I could have made. I don’t know that it’s physically possible to roll your ankle in these shoes.