The 10 Best Football Cleats Available Now

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Summer training is around the corner and your cleats from last year are looking pretty burnt out. If you’re looking to stick with what you know, click through to catch up on updates and see what’s new. Cleats like the Jordan Dominate Pro and the adidas CrazyQuick are borrowing technology off of the basketball court for quick cuts and aggressive plays, Under Armour continues to defy traditional builds with the Compfit ankle support, and Nike focuses on speed with an aerodynamic approach. For beginners or seasoned skill players, here are The 10 Best Football Cleats Available Now.


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  • john

    Your cleat ranking is terrible! clearly you do no play your top 2 are bar none the worse cleats on ankles.

  • Cam
  • jimmy laa

    this cleats is for make the ones who wear it injured

  • Tabor J

    The new Nike Vapor Carbon Elite 2014 TD is the most comfortable football cleat I have ever worn. I pre-ordered mine from and got an early buy deal for around $120 when everyone else is selling them for $150

  • Mikale Rudoni

    What about the cj elite td 2 by calvin..

  • Mary McElyea

    Looking for an updated recommendation for a lineman cleat for my son – high school 6-man – small school in a strong Texas league. Any recommendations.

  • slammer

    vapor talon elite=best cleats ever made