The 10 Best Performances in the Converse All-Star

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Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Converse All-Star

In 1917, Converse released their first basketball sneaker, calling it the All-Star. When Akron Firestones’ player Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor got a hold of them in 1921, it was love at first sight; he became the shoe’s leading proponent and salesman, traveling the nation to sell these shoes to anyone who would listen.

Thanks to Taylor’s salesmanship, the All-Star quickly became the go-to sneaker for all basketball players across the country. The durable canvas upper provided long-lasting support, while the shoe’s rubber outsole offered better traction that any other options available at the time.

Seen on the foot of big men and guards alike as well as coming in high and low-cut versions, the All-Star was a staple of the NBA from the league’s inception as the Basketball Association of America in 1946 all the way until the mid-1970s. While many of the game’s greatest record-setting efforts occurred in that time period, here’s a look at the 10 Best Performances in the Converse All-Star.


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