The 10 Best Performances in the Converse Weapon

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Larry Bird Magic Johnson Converse Weapon

Thanks to the ascension of Nike and adidas, Converse saw their dominance in the performance sneaker market challenged for the first time ever in the mid-80s . They responded in 1986 with the Weapon, a shoe with trailblazing technology and functionality that made it the choice of many of the game’s top players.

The Weapon features great stability thanks to its signature Y-Bar Ankle Support System, as well as a high padded ankle collar for a good extra supply of confidence. It offeres outstanding comfort and shock absorption with its “Center of Pressure” outsole and EVA midsole, cementing its status as a go-to sneaker for players of all levels.

At the time of the launch, the Weapon became the unofficial shoe of the NBA’s greatest rivalry, as superstars Larry Bird and Magic Johnson both wore the shoe throughout the 1986-87 season and starred together in several ads for Converse. Many other stars donned the shoe as well, and as a result the Weapon was front and center for many fantastic individual efforts. Here are the 10 Best Performances in the Converse Weapon.

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