The 10 Best Volleyball Sneakers Available Now

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Whether you’re serving, setting or spiking, you’ll need the right sneakers to hit the court. Fit is key for a comfortable game, and traction is crucial for any player. Whether it’s your first time trying out or your final season, here are The 10 Best Volleyball Sneakers Available Now.


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  • Adam

    A volleyball shoe does not have to be fond under the volleyball section, for example one is getting the basketball shoe Lebron 12 for the sport, I’d also like to point out high tops are much safer due to the fact your ankle cannot bend into awkward. Finally I’d like to point out there are multiple positions on court, if one is a libero, he would not wear the same shoes as a middle hitter, whom of which would wear different shoes to a setter.

    • Drake

      I agree. I can’t use the typical volleyball shoe because they are much to narrow for me as I’m flat footed. The Lebron 12 are a good shoe as they offer ankle support. Many of us use the Kobe 7/8/9’s to play in with ankle braces or some of the hyperdunks.