The 10 Most Influential Sneaker Innovations Today

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State-of-the-art technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate these days, especially within the footwear market. Designers are given more design and development opportunities than ever before, whether it's a new material compound, cushioning technology, moulding technique or improved development process, the freedom to create groundbreaking design has arrived. Here are some of the most recent influential innovations that have not only inspired today's generation of desigers, but could possibly revolutionize the way sneakers are designed for the foreseeable future. Read along for The 10 Most Influential Innovations Impacting Sneaker Design Today.

MrBailey is a footwear designer / developer consultant and the co-founder of the custom lifestyle footwear brand,  lūp. He also owns and operates the footwear design, development and marketing agency, FTWRDSGN and is the founder and editor of the footwear design website, Concept Kicks.


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