The Best Basketball Shoes for Streetball

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Image via Reebok

Image via Reebok

Hooping outdoors is an animal unto itself. From the style of game, to battling the elements, to the potential to earn a terrible nickname for life with one mistake, you really gotta know what you’re walking into, literally and figuratively. Having the right outdoor hoops kicks is essential to not looking like just another geek off the street. It also helps if you have someone play Warren G’s “Regulator” as you enter the court. If that’s too hard to coordinate, you can at least not wear terrible sneaks. We’ve all seen that dude running around in soggy hiking shoes. He’s not getting the ball. He’s never getting the ball. Don’t be that dude.

The shoes don’t have to be flashy (unless that’s your thing, then rock with it) they just need take care of your feet. A lot of traction and a thick sole is crucial to blacktop survival. I personally also like a lot of ankle support as injuries seem to happen a lot of more outside. The game is usually on a smaller court and played just as hard, if not harder, than indoors. For this reason, you need sturdy, tough and flexible leather on your feet.

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  • SKC300

    Who is this reportedly largest human being to play basketball this shoe was made for?
    As far as i remember this shoe was made for Shawn Kemp. He was maybe 6 10 at best.

    • The Truth Hurts

      I noticed that too. I get the feeling that the people who did this list mistakenly thought the Reebok Kamikazes were made for Shaq, as Shaq was also with Reebok at the time. Shawn Kemp is a big dude compared to the average person walking around obviously, but for the NBA there was nothing exceptionally large about him.

  • Andrew Knoll

    Kind of a lazily assembled list, a mix of over-the-top THIS IS FOR BLACKTOP Reeboks, one or two legit hyper shoes and some questionable performers. I think the best outdoor bball series is obviously the Hyperfuse (absent completely) and the black LeBron Elite 9s were incredible for outdoor play.

  • Bronze Turtle

    wtf you say “traction is essential” and something and 75% of this list has terrible traction. if u want something good for hoopin outdoors, get an AIR RAID, QUESTIONS OR KAMIKAZEES, i ball everyday for the pass 6 months in the adidas Kobe EQT Elevations and the traction still good!

  • $ecular Human

    All one had to see was Kobe’s shoe being mentioned for outdoors, then realizing that this list is a complete and utter sham. That upper can’t even survive sitting in a box, let alone playing consecutive games in, nor outside.

    • Hey Shoe Expert

      And you would know this how? By sitting at your computer desk aka pedostation all day smackin it? If I need to know what type of keyboard to buy I’ll ask you. Otherwise shut your fucking troll mouth when it comes to shoe performance.

      • $ecular Human

        Look closely at my avy, be mesmerized, understand it. Allow it to penetrate, deeply.

        • Secular Narcissus

          You mad bro? Truth hurts, huh? Oh well, you always got or computer to keep you company. All your virtual friends and all. But just like the real world-nobody likes you here either.

          • $ecular Human

            Hey, don’t project your personal problems onto me!

          • Marshall

            How about I “project” some balls on your chin? Lol. Fag.

  • Y to the F

    It is absolutely ridiculous to recommend UA Anatomix Spawn for outdoor play! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the shoes and it is probably on my top 3 best kicks of all time, but the grooves on the outsole are so shallow it will wear out within minutes of outdoor play. SMH…..

  • rjramirez

    wonder why jordan28 se not on th list