The Complete History of the adidas Predator

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The adidas Predator is pretty much the most classic football boot of all time. adidas has churned out new and improved versions of their most perfect creation for midfield generals like David Beckham and Xavi since Craig Johnston’s idea initially came to fruition in 1994. The Pred consistently manages to reinvent itself in line with the needs and stylistic demands of current-day footballers. This is The Complete History of the adidas Predator.


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  • Vince Schmidt

    While your starting date on e Preditor is correct, it was hardly adidas’ first foray into this technology. In the late 70’s adidas had a shoe called the adidas Effete. It employed similar technology in the form of…simply put…ping pong paddle rubber dots covering a kangaroo upper. The shoe had replaceable 6 cleats. It was awesome for imparting spin etc. however, the nubs would rub off with relative ease, so the shoe was not a commercial success. I just thought you might like to include this bit of history to the Predator story.

    Vince Schmidt
    adidas historian

  • paul

    Always been a big fan of the predator boots, but who the hell is designing them now…they look vile! I’d probably say from number 9 something started to go wrong, I went to go and buy a pair of boots today but as much as I wanted predators I couldn’t bring myself to buy them, seeing them on my feet would look like a waste of money…