What the 25 Best Soccer Players Wear and Why

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No. 5 – Xavi x Adidas Predator LZ

If you like watching soccer played at pace and with precision, Xavi is the player for you. His name is continually brought up in the conversation of best players in the world and unlike Van Persie, Xavi has decided to switch to the Predator LZ. This new version actually suits Xavi’s style better, with the emphasis of this boot placed on hybrid-control. If you get the opportunity to watch Xavi play live, don’t be surprised if you see him use all 5 lethal zones in quick succession.

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  • Ethan Edwards

    Really good list hope to see more like this.

    • mikey mikey

      r u kiding me? those r not the best 25 players int he world

  • daniel

    I still remember the time when wingers like Figo used the so called power boots like Total 90…

  • j bityz

    nice list, but those are not the best 25 soccer players in the world..

    • mikey mikey


  • Alex

    Ozil, Ramos, and Balotelli are all better than several players on this list

    • joe

      Not balotelli he is not even top 50

      • mikey mikey

        balotelli is top 50

    • mikey mikey

      i agree

  • abhi

    i just got the adipures 11 pros they are really comfy and nice! puma evospeeds are also very good and nice

  • ich bin dumm

    Neuer ist der beste Torwart der Welt

  • ich bin dumm

    Neuer ist der beste Torwart der Welt

  • swagman

    I got the dance shoes ever

  • bob

    I just.got.the hypervenoms.

  • mikey mikey

    there is no way vidic is the 11th best player in the world.