10 Golfers Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Dress Themselves

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John Daly worst outfit

Image via CBS

Golf is a much calculated game of risk. Take out the driver and go for the green? Or make the safe play and lay up? The risk in the game often goes well beyond play on the course as many players like to hit the links in a one of a kind outfit. Style in golf dates as far back as the game itself, back when you’re great, great, great grandfather was rocking knickers with argyle socks. Ever since then, golfers have used the course as their own personal runway, showcasing some of the most ridiculous outfits the mind could conjure.

The 2014 Masters Tournament this weekend at Augusta National marks the first major event of the PGA season. There’s always been a mystical allure to the Masters, as some of golf’s greatest legends have made history there over the years. Due to tradition and respect, many golfers tone down their outfits while on golf’s biggest stage at the Masters, but in honor of the years’ first major, we compiled some of the worst looks to ever hit the course.


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