• Spalding Never Flat Basketball
  • Spalding Never Flat Basketball

KNOW YOUR TECH: The Spalding NeverFlat Basketball is a Game Changer

KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is Spalding NeverFlat. Whether you play the majority of your hoops indoors or outdoors, you’re bound to run into a common and annoying problem: deflating basketballs. If this happens and you’re not equipped with a pump or a spare ball, there’s no other choice but to cut the game short. With Spalding NeverFlat technology, this becomes a much rarer occurrence and will allow you to play at your peak level for longer.

What is it? Spalding NeverFlat technology is designed to provide greater air retention than traditional basketballs. Fully meeting all performance specifications, the Spalding NeverFlat ball uses a treatment known as NitroFlate, which allows it to hold air ten times longer than standard inflated gear. 

How does it work? Spalding NeverFlat uses NitroFlate, which is the brand’s proprietary air mixture that makes use of large air molecules, which physically cannot leak out of the ball’s outer pores, and smaller molecules, which are trapped from escaping by the larger ones. Although the technology doesn’t literally never go flat, it’s been found to retain the same level of rebound over a minimum of a one year period, as opposed to traditional basketballs which will lose over 50% of their air in the same amount of time.

Notable products: Spalding NBA NeverFlat Composite Basketball

Bottom line: A ball with a bad bounce or rebound can affect an entire game, so consider Spalding NeverFlat for its long-lasting air retention. 

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