The 10 Most Anticipated Basketball Releases of 2014

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It’s a brand new year and that means we’ll have a bunch of brand new on-court options. Which ones are we most excited about? Find out as we list our The 10 Most Anticipated Basketball Releases of 2014.

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  • Wuke

    One note:
    Those new LeBron shoes you guys see are not LeBron 11 Elite, at least we cannot be sure for now.

    The person who originally posted those pictures is from that “Hupu” Chinese forum. He said “My friend showed me these pictures of new LeBron shoes’ sample. It might be the LeBron 11 Elite or a LeBron 11 “V2″, I don’t know what it is yet.” Then somebody from America saw the post, and copied it to their website and called it LeBron 11 Elite, then everybody started spread the pictures and think of them as LeBron 11 Elite, but the reality is that we cannot be sure yet.

    • mflip24

      They are the lebron 11 elites most definitely

  • Tim

    The picture of the Kobe 9 low engineered mesh is a photoshop. There are already photos of what seems to be the Kobe 9 low em in a Bruce Lee colorway, but you may know this already. Just FYI

    • mgcg812

      the kobe 9 low is just the regular kobe 9 with the top part folded in…

      • Kryptonate

        no… the elites have a flyknit upper while the low ems have engineered mesh like the kobe 8s

  • Guy Jameson

    Those LeBron shoes look like the regular…eugh, they look like Ronald McDonald shoes even.

    Plus, what Tim Said, yeah there’s already an image of the Kobe 9 Lows (Bruce Lee) which sadly does NOT have all that flyknit into it. Though the big releases of Crazy Light 4 and Adidas D-Rose 5 is gonna be great!

  • Nene33

    Great list, personally I can’t wait for the new CP3.VIII(hoping it keeps the barefoot, Pod setup).

  • BOB

    Just wanted to let you know that the KD VI Elite will have a full length 360 air max bag at the bottom. Kevin Durant says so in this video:

    • BOB

      Sorry for the mess up, the bag is not necessarily air max, it may be zoom but it’s not specified.

  • the_bananaboat

    Ok, as usual the Labron shoes are ugly as hell.

  • Fred

    Why is there so much hype on D Rose’s shoes? He doesn’t even play! I’m surprised the XX9 wasn’t #1.

  • Gяαƴ ℱυʟʟßυᔕтεя

    Those KD shoes look awesome

  • Rei Palmer

    Im not too crazy about the KDs…to me the design is garbage couldve done a little bit better

  • Jake

    so are the kd vi elites the ones in the picture or are they the ones that are blue/orange and all mesh?

  • ballt175

    Are you kidding how could you guys leave off the upcoming Jordan Melo M11 I’m a big fan of Bron&kd but their sneakers get murdered when you sit them beside the Melo M10’s or the Retro Melo 1.5 these sneaker forums be hating on Carmelo too bad and his sneakers are so much more comfortable and better to look at.

  • ballt175

    And what about anticipation for a signature kyrie Irving sneaker.

  • ballt175

    I can’t see how Carmelos sneakers get slept on hell they look better than the Retro jayz.

  • knowmystuff

    Those arent hyperdunk 2014s…. they are hyper dunk 2011 blake griffons!

  • Walrus

    Those are the KD V elites…