The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Fat Guys

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Nike-Air-Max-LeBron-X-Low-Mens-Basketball-Shoe-579765_300_A copy

Basketball players come in all shapes and sizes and if you were on the heavier side – Big Baby Davis – and were in need of new sneakers but have a hard time choosing due to the lightweight era taking over the retail wars then fear not as we have broken down some of the best all around performers for larger bodies. Hopefully the list helps you find your next hoop shoe without having to stress out.  

Nightwing2303 is the owner / publisher of KicksOnCourt and contributor to Sneaker Report. He hoops on the regular and loves sneaker tech as much as he loves food, and he really loves his food. You can keep up with Nightwing2303′s on and off court adventures on Twitter and Instagram

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  • Gon_Freaks

    fat people should just wear lebrons? #SQUAD

  • Fat_guys_unite

    This is all wrong. Us fat guys should not be wearing anything with an air bubble. That shit is more likely to pop with our weight and then the shoe is worthless.

  • SneakerDude23

    I think its right. The air bubble wont pop unless we are playing on a outdoorcourt. I felt the responsiveness of the lebron 10 elite. I love jumping without sacrificing the risk that i may broke my ankles or have the pain in my legs after.

  • fgdg

    lol why yall associatin fat boys wit big men. i know a lotta fat kids that play the point haha

  • j

    so the new chucks (barkey). is there cushion in forefoot?

  • Mitchellbrwn

    So basically lebron makes shoes for fat people?

  • Randall

    Lol at you fat retards. Lebron is about 270#, has beast strength, sick speed, and has an almost 4foot vertical jump, yet you couch potatoes are somehow going to pop the air unit. Sure fat boys, sure!

  • Wes Hardin

    Do you work for Nike?