10 Pro Skate Shoes to Look Forward to This Year

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Today’s pro skate models are better than ever, thanks to innovative materials and a more productive relationship between skater and shoe designer than ever before. Whether the pro models of today are a product of a skateboarder’s specific requests or just a company slapping an athlete’s name on their latest and greatest, there is a healthy offering of fresh releases this year that you have to consider. These are 10 Pro Skate Shoes to Look Forward to This Year.

Reggie Altema is a Haitian writer from New Jersey who grew up obsessed with music and skateboarding but despised east coast winters, so the former Fat Beats New York employee escaped to Los Angeles where he could skate all year round. When he’s not out walking his pitbulls, he listens to Bebop and contributes to ESPN Skateboarding and Sneaker Report.


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  • Miola

    There are two in here that are not “skate shoes”: Nike SB and Adidas! And where is the etnies MARANA…much better than those two combined! Emerica’s Reynold’s is hands down the best!

  • Sigmund

    Real skateboarding shoes by a REAL skateboarding company. That’s almost non-existent nowadays. Emerica rules and corporate shoe giants blow. Made in Emerica is not to be taken literally….it is a mindset. Take notes Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance….this is how you run a shoe company.

    • Ben

      Totally agree.

  • Jorge “YOYO” Colon

    It’s Totally a Breath Taker , Its a Most in any Real Skateboard Shoes Accounts. The Reality is that Emerica staying so Focus on the designs for comfort and efficiency performance for Real Skaters shows the truly effort to satisfy the necessity of endurance. With this Reynold 4 Emerica shows the Industry whats coming Up in the Future cause Now Days Skaters are Jumping Bigger Stuff and doing Bigger Gaps wish demands Full protection and physical capacity of the right Tool to perform. High Tops and Mid-Tops are not a Cliche of the 80’s or Fashion any More. They are going to be a Most Trend to Perform. Cause we all Skaters Know How Blast your ankles get after Jumping some big Crazy Stuff and how Browse your Heels gets and That’s No JOKE. The Foot for the Skaters are Essential. Ask The Sheckler and He would tell you that his Elbows Cirguries dont matter to him. What he really cares about is His Foots. Thanks EMERICA for the Transfer of Knowledge in Material.

  • Mendoza Angel

    Best shoes ever. I have some and they are super light and really durable, all with a really sick look. Very happy.

  • Mendoza Angel

    EK2 for the win .

  • Ben

    1. Emerica Herman G6
    2. Supra Hammer
    3. Dc Mike Mo S
    4. Emerica Reynolds
    5. Etnies marana