9 Ridiculous Training Methods We Can’t Believe Are Real

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Have you ever had trouble putting up five extra pounds on that bench or pushing out that extra quarter-mile at the end of your run? We’ve all been there. There are some guys out there that ask the same question, except replace “five extra pounds on that bench” with “lifting up a tractor tire” and replace “quarter-mile” with “forty miles.” There are some insane training methods out there, ranging from jumping through abandoned buildings to balancing on a bed of spears. If you were ever curious about how it would feel to have oxen tied to each of your arms or what it’s like to change the shape of your shins in preparation for a fight, we have the workouts for you. These are the 10 Training Methods We Can’t Believe Are Real.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.watts.85 Brian Watts

    Take down that YouTube example video on No. 7:Crossfit. That guy doesn’t know dick and it makes you guys look like idiots. You could look at videos from pretty much any other Crossfitter in the world. You could even include some asshole like Josh Golden or Crossfit Grover Beach.