25 Fitness Trends We Would Like to See Make A Comeback

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The fundamentals of fitness have stayed the same over time. For men, this has meant, basically, running to stay lean while lifting weights to build muscle. Even though the basics have always been the basics, we don’t have to tell you there have been some strange fitness trends invented over the years that have tried to re-invent the wheel when it comes to getting in shape. While many of these exercises died out for a reason, from making you look really stupid to not actually working, some of them fell out of style just because newer, cooler workouts rolled into gyms and folks lost interest in the old ways. Some of these abandoned workouts were actually pretty cool. There is more to the world than just CrossFit and P90X, and we would like to salute some of the best workouts that you just don’t see anymore. These are The 25 Fitness Trends We Would Like to See Make a Comeback.


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