The 25 Worst NFL Logos of All Time

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At Sneaker Report, we love NFL logos, from the retro icon employed by the Buffalo Bills to the sleek modern feline that represents the Carolina Panthers. We’ve noticed, however, that sometimes these logos are hard to love. We’ve combed through NFL logos past and present to find the twenty-five that offended us most. While some only offended our sensibilities and others were outright racist, all of them are terrible in their own special way. If you are still dealing with the pain of your team’s early season losing streak, at least take solace in the fact that they don’t have one of these logos representing your boys. Here are the 25 Worst NFL Logos of All Time.


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  • Slim978

    You post the denver broncos logo from the 60s twice as no.12 and no.4

  • Timothy Meyer

    Bravo, calling out the Redskins logo for being a stereotype really shows your progressive views, you especially reinforce that sensitivity by stereotyping the old 49ers logo as NRA conventioneers or Domestic Terrorists. Because that’s not a double standard or anything…

  • gizzball

    It’s because the denver donkeys suck ass!