• Bubba Watson First Tweet
  • The Rock First Tweet
  • Lindsey Vonn First Tweet
  • Floyd Mayweather First Tweet
  • Charles Barkley First Tweet
  • Vans First Tweet
  • RGIII First Tweet
  • Koston First Tweet
  • Sharapova First Tweet
  • Runners world First tweet
  • Jordan brand First Tweet
  • Russ Bengston First Tweet
  • Nike Tennis First Tweet
  • Ronda Rousey Twitter
  • Kobe Bryant Twitter

A Look Back At Your Favorite Athlete’s and Brand’s First Tweets

The social phenomenon that is Twitter has grown to epic proportions. In a world where people have become so fixated and enamored with athletes and celebrities, the social platform provides a way to connect unlike ever before. Sometimes getting used to a new media outlet can lead to some problems, especially when that platform essentially allows you to call your very own press-conference at any hour, on any day, in any location.

That being said, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at some athletes and brands first ever tweet when they were still innocent and unmindful of how large this Twitter thing would get. Some are funny, others are weird, and some are just…..well take a look for yourself in our Look Back At 15 of Your Favorite Athlete’s and Brands First Tweets.

Danny Mitchell is a freelance writer from New York and contributor to Sneaker Report with a obsession for the Knicks, sneakers and all things 90′s. He can be found on twitter @dmitch_23.

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