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Asics Brings Back the Gel Hyper Speed Racing Flat

One of the best long distance running shoes, the Asics Gel Hyper Speed, will be back and better than ever in 2014, which should come as good news for runners who’ve missed its presence after it disappeared from the shelves in recent years.

Not only is the Gel Hyper Speed 6 over an ounce lighter than its predecessor, but the shoe will be available in gender specific sizes for a more custom fit as opposed the previous unisex versions. The shoe’s seamless upper uses welded overlays to reduce skin irritation, allowing runners to leave the socks at home if they so choose to.

The Hyper Speed 6 is expected to retail for $85. A release date is set for January 2014. Keep your eye out for this one if you’re looking to shed some seconds off your PR next year.


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  • Eddo

    I stocked up on the Hyper Speed 5 and was down to my last pair. In my opinion, the Hyper Speed is best running shoe ever made. This shoe has always felt as protective as a lightweight trainer but as light and low to the ground as a racing flat. The 6mm heel to toe ratio has always been small enough to encourage a mid foot strike yet big enough for some achilles relief when getting sloppy on longer distances. With all the cushioned minimalist shoes available, this one was ahead of its time and is still better than all those that have tried to achieve the same thing.