This Week on Instagram: Spring is in the Air and So Are the Sneakers

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Best of IG April 4

Image via Instagram

Can you feel it? After a long, arduous winter, it’s finally beginning to look a lot more like spring. For athletes, this is one of the best times to get outdoors. You can pack away your winter layers and enjoy the warmer weather, but there’s also that unmistakable cool breeze that somehow always manages to make everything feel just right. So, before summer gets here and you start complaining about the heat (come on, we all will), get out there and enjoy it while it lasts. If you need some motivation, this gallery of the week’s best Instagram photos includes plenty of fresh air.

Riley Jones is a freelance writer from Charlottesville, VA and a contributor to Sneaker Report. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things pop culture, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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