The 10 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Beginners

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So you’ve decided to take up running. You’ve got the outfit, the iPod’s loaded with workout jams, but one essential thing is missing—running shoes. The amount of brands and styles can be overwhelming, but Sneaker Report’s got you covered.

A common mistake made by beginners is not starting with an adequate sneaker. Budget-priced models can be great for casual runners, but if you’re looking to get into running seriously, you will need a sneaker with plenty of cushion, stability, and protection. Investing in a sneaker with these traits will help to keep you comfortable, injury-free, and ready for the transition into heavier mileage. At the same time, there’s no need to buy the most expensive pair on the rack; we’ve searched around to bring you some of the best deals on high performance runners.

As a beginner, the best way to determine exactly what’s right for you is to visit a specialty running store to have your foot measured and striking pattern analyzed. They’ll be able to determine what sort of arch support and shape is necessary to match your pronation. In the meantime, these ten sneakers are great ideas to keep in mind as you begin your trek into the world of running.


Riley Jones is a student from Charlottesville, VA. With an unshakable affinity for basketball and all things ’90s, he can be found on Twitter @rchrstphr.

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  • B.Green

    I had my feet measured so I knew what type of running shoe to get! Once I new the size and type I looked everywhere online for a good cheap pair of running shoes for men. There were so many to choose from but I am happy with my adidas supernovas!

    • Rowan09

      They measure you barefoot?

      • Alex

        This guy is clearly just trying people to visit his site. But yes, you should get measured barefoot, Rowan. However, different brands (and even models) run a little different in length and width. The safest bet is to try sneakers on.

        • Rowan09

          Ok thanks.