BRAND PROFILE: ICE COLD NY Delivers Reflective Style for Urban Cyclists

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Just as Bill Bowerman looked to his waffle iron for a new sole, and Kevin Plank upgraded the traditional tee to America’s favorite sweat-wicking essential, the most important performance apparel advancements come from an athlete’s need for a more effective product. Enter Brooklyn-based brand ICE COLD. The product (and name) are a result of designer and cyclist Michael Cherman’s aspiration to fuse a cool look with reflective features to keep urban commuters safe.

Sneaker Report had the opportunity to visit Michael in his Brooklyn studio to talk form and function, the power of a dot, and what’s to come from ICE COLD.

So what is the story behind ICE COLD?
Last summer I got in three very bad bike accidents, and all three could have been avoided by me wearing any of this stuff.

I was riding down Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, riding at full speed I saw a guy dashing across the intersection that didn’t me coming. I had the green and was going full speed and hit him dead on. I landed on my side and as I got up my bike got ran over by a taxi. Both the guy I hit and the taxi that ran over my bike both fled the scene. I had to walk home bloodied and bruised with a mangled bike, left to think about how this might have been avoided. That’s where it all started.


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