Breaking Down 5 Performance Running Vests

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Running in the wintertime can be challenging. Leaving the cozy indoors to freeze your face off is hard enough, without taking into account that when you start running it’s as cold as fuck and you finish with frozen-shut-clenched-fists for hands that make reaching for your keys nearly impossible.

But aside from the icicles in your hair and the chapped face, running outdoors in the colder months can be equally rewarding. Your favorite running trail is completely empty, the gear is empowering and makes you look like a fleece ninja, and the views of snow covered anything is worth it.

One of Sneaker Report’s favorite items this month has been the running vest. Hybrid by design, a performance vest allows you the freedom of an extra layer without feeling bulky or hot while adding that extra layer of comfort you’ll need on a chilly night. Here are our five favorite right now and why.

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