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Everything You Need to Know About the Brooks Running Adrenaline GTX

Best For: Neutral runners tackling a wintery mix of rain, ice, or slush.
Favorite Feature:  Gore-Tex keeping feet dry while maintaining a fair amount of breathability.
Major Fail: An ounce on the heavier side due to the GTX technology.
Saving Grace: Overall a lightweight, comfortable, and protective.

If you’ve had one of the previous versions of the Adrenaline, whether its the 10 or the 11, you know that this series is reliable and well-cushioned thanks to Brooks’ DNA cushioning. With adequate amounts of heel cushioning and an abundant amount of forefoot cushioning, but the Adrenaline GTX is noticeably heavier (approximately one ounce heavier to accommodate for the upper which is sealed off to protect the feet) but seems worth the winter protection it provides.

After taking the GTX out for a few runs in the rain and snow, our reviewers ruled that this shoe is a must-have for athletes staying safe while taking on winter’s slicker roads. This shoe rides well over unexpected ice patches, keeps foot temperature regulated and dry in wet conditions. For winter running and training, we approve of the Brooks Running Adrenaline GTX.


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    Its not a neutral shoe what are you trying to do to people ?!?