The First 100 Shoes to Cross the NYC Marathon Finish Line

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Yesterday’s New York City Marathon was a success, especially for winners Geoffrey Mutai (who men’s title in the adidas Adios Boost) and Priscah Jeptoo (winning her second major title win in the Nike Zoom Streak 3). The race was an overall triumphant success overcoming last year’s first-ever cancelled race and this season’s Boston tragedy with more applicants than ever before in NYRR history.

To celebrate the occasion, Sneaker Report took note of the first 100 runners to cross the finish line and the shoes they sported marathon Sunday. Not many of their choices were surprising. No zigs, blades or springs could get you across the finish line faster yesterday, as the most popular running shoes among elite and semi-elite athletes were your typical racing shoe with a neutral ride, moderate to minimal cushioning and a fast look. The only atypical brands spotted were Italy’s hometown favorite Diadora (not surprisingly sported by Italian runners) along with a solo pair of Sketchers sported by none other than Meb Keflezighi along with the occasional pair of Newtons. Nike and adidas won the popularity contest hands down, (the Adios Boost and Zoom Streak 3 were the most worn models) while brands like Brooks Running, Saucony and Asics took the rest with a few Mizuno and New Balance racers sprinkled throughout.

Take a look and see if your favorite running shoes made the cut. This is The First 100 Shoes to Cross the NYC Marathon Finish Line.


  • Sprinkled Swag

    Number 50 is the Type A5 not fastwitch. Number 62 is the Kinvara 3 not Type A5. Number 84 is the Streak XC 3 not Streak 3.

  • theo7272

    No. 87 Brooks Green Silence

  • udrunner

    #77 is the Newton Distance Elite

  • Ed

    I don’t believe number 80 is the Launch, maybe the Green Silence.

  • Ed

    89 is the New Balance 890.

  • Boston2244

    I have a couple corrections on the names with some of your places – #96 is David Metzger, and #100 is Timothy Catoggio, (me) wearing the Saucony Kinvara 2’s, not the Kinvara 4’s – great article either way ! (although this is the 3rd different finishing place I’ve seen for myself since yesterday’s race)

    • calvyc

      Awesome, congrats Timothy! Thanks for speaking up! :)

  • Deez120

    #75 Looks to actually be Phil Shaw 2:34:52… just sayin same shoes/socks/flapping laces

  • Charles

    Great post! I love this kind of stuff! However, I think you misrepresented some of the shoes…
    #21= Adizero Pro not Adizero Adios 2
    #39=Adizero Adios not Supernova Sequence
    #66= DS Racer 9 not Fuji Racer
    #69= Hyperspeed not Ds-Trainer
    #71& #97= Ds Racer 9 not Skyspeed
    #72= Wave Elixir not Wave Ascend
    #75= Adizero Adios 2 not Adizero Tempo 5
    #80= Green Silence not Launch
    #87= Green Silence not Pure Drift
    #96= Adizero Adios 2 not Adizero Boston 4
    #98= Adizero F50 not Supernova Sequence

    • xxt

      #98 adizero tempo 5

      • Charles

        Good Catch! Do they even make the F50 running shoe anymore? W/e the Tempo looks a lot like the old F50.

    • Daniel Norberg

      #95 is Puma Faas 350 and the runner is Daniel Norberg. Place 69 in the mens race.

    • Rafael Gallego

      #07= PUMA Faas 300 v2, not PUMA Faas 400
      #45= PUMA Faas 300 v3, not PUMA Faas 400

      #95= PUMA Faas 350S, not Nike Zoom Traction

      • whato

        I don’t believe there is a version 3 yet.

      • Puman

        Good call, correct on all 3

    • cucu

      #72 not Wave Elixir surely

      • Mike

        It’s the Aero. Not sold anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Dan

    Where did they get those Green Silence!?

  • Chris Brunnquell

    3 and 5 appear to be the same person

    • Chris

      yeah same tat

  • SCR

    #86 and #87 are the same photo.
    #11, #13, #28 may also be “sortie japan”.

  • Sean

    No 57 is definitely not Guor.

  • DC89

    Number #56 is not correct. Harbert Okuti is from Uganda and he definitely does not have white legs…

  • Paulus

    #4 – Lunarspider LT+3

    #11 – Sortie Japan, possibly custom design

    #13 – Sortie Japan

    #21 – Takumi Ren

    #23 – Adios 2

    #26 – Streak 5 prototype?

    #28 – Custom Asics

    #35 – Zoom Streak XC 2

    #38 – Adios 1

    #51 – DS Racer 9

    #52 – Lunarspider LT+ 3

    #67 – Ronin 5

    #69 – Hyperspeed 5

    #70 – Adios 1

    #74 – Musha 2

    #75 – Adios 2

    #87 – Green Silence

    #96 – Adios 2

    #97 – DS Racer 9

    #98 – Tempo 5

    #99 – Adios 2

  • Dimas

    This was a really great idea.

  • Me

    You should recheck a few of the names associate with the shoes. Some of the professional athletes might get some negative feedback from their shoe companies if they are ‘labeled’ as wearing an incorrect brand. For instance I think you mixed up Julia Mallon and Alicia Williams

  • Hurra_for_meg

    Great, but there are a few mistakes. No. 95 Odd-Bjorn Hjelmeset is not from the US. He is Norwegian. The guy at 96 is not..

  • Liz

    Number 31 and 32 are mixed up, Amy Hastings is a Brooks sponsored Athlete and also an Olympian….

  • Nicolas Tyhurst

    does anyone have this organized into a spreadsheet? shoes, place, country and finishing time?

  • Guest

    Where’s all the lame “OH NO HEEL STRIKERS!” comments? Number 3 and 5 are the same person. For the love of god, before you publish it, at least check it for correctness.

  • Marcos

    #18 is new balance rc1001, not 940v2

  • Steven T

    I’m Steven Underwood. I got 74th place. My legs are in pictures 86 & 87 (blue shorts and Brooks Green Silence). My name and time is listed as No. 83 with someone else’s legs. This article was very poorly executed.

    • Dan

      Steve do you have a secret stash of Green Silence? Hook me up please!

  • Ubaldo

    at page 81 the Brooks are not the launch, but the green silence, I suppose!

  • Ubaldo

    ant at page 86 there are brooks pure drift and brooks pure silence

  • Tim

    #6…Kim Smith…is from New Zealand


    bjr peut on courir un marathon avec des chaussure prévu soi-disant pour des 5 kilo ou 10 voir demie marathon ma question et je voudrai courir mon marathon en adidas adzero hagio 2 ??????????

  • Tyrone Bates

    So I’m gathering the zoom Streak 3s are better than the 4s. What is the knock on the 4s? I’m looking to run my first full marathon in 2014, I’m an over-pronator. Which shoes would be best, I’m also seeking light weight?

  • chanskynz

    NO: 6 – Kim Smith is not from United States, She is a New Zealander who lives and trains in the US

  • Mike

    #12 is Li-Ning, not Brooks.

  • Mike

    #72 is neither the Mizuno Wave Ascend nor the Elixir. It’s the Wave Aero. Not sold in North America.

  • Dom

    #66= ASICS GEL-TARTHER not DS Racer 9

  • Zach Mueller

    youre going to do this again for this year right?