The First Shoe from Each Major Performance Footwear Brand

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Air Jordan 1

Image via Kicks on Fire

First impressions are crucial. When encountering someone or something for the first time, your perception of the introduction sticks with you. For sneaker brands, the right first impression can lead to years of fruitful business, game-changing designs, and landmark endorsements. Without this early foundation, the brands we know and love today could very well cease to exist. Take a look back at the starting point for some of your favorite companies in The First Shoe from Each Major Performance Footwear Brand.

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  • Mrcranberrymuffin

    the first shoe under jordan brand was actually the 13 not the one

    • Riley Jones

      You’re right, the AJXIII was the first shoe released under the Jordan Brand umbrella. However, this list is focusing on the very first thing each of these brands did, such as the JW Foster & Sons running pumps for Reebok, so technically the first shoe would be the AJ1. Thanks for the comment!