Gear Guide: The 10 Best Running Headphones To Buy Now

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Since the dawn of the walkman, and much later, the mp3 player, runners have had the option of adding a bit of extra motivation to their runs in the form of music. However, as we all know, it hasn’t always been a pleasant experience with ear buds popping out of your ear on every step.

Fortunately, as the ancient walkman has been replaced with the iPods and smart phones of the world, headphones, too, have evolved to do what they’re made to do— stay IN your ear and deliver sweet, beautiful music to keep runners calm, cool, and collected. While many headbanger price tags can be on the steeper side, here are some models that won’t necessarily break the bank.

The following is a breakdown of the 10 best runner-friendly headphones (available today, and all under $100) that will stay put in the ears and help you keep some extra dough in your pocket.

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