Grayl water filtration cup

GEAR OF THE DAY: GRAYL Water Filtration Cup

Forget what you learned on Survivorman—there’s a much easier way to filter drinking water next time your hit the backcountry, the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup.

Set to be officially unveiled in a few weeks from now at Summer Outdoor Retailer, the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup is designed to be durable enough for the outdoors, yet stylish enough to be used as a standard water bottle at the office. The cup filters water fast and easy, eliminating things like bacteria, protozoa, viruses, chemicals, metals, flavor, and even odor. All you have to do is fill the outer cup, press down, and watch the water flow through the G3+ filter into the clean inner bladder. Seriously, does it get any easier?

The cup features a stainless steel construction for lightweight durability, as well as a sleek look. It has a capacity of 15 ounces of water, and can reach max capacity in just 15 seconds. As of now, there is no release date set for the GRAYL Filtration Cup, though it is available for pre-order at the brand’s website.


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  • Jessica.C

    i am quite interested in it, How to buy a real one in China?

  • Travis

    Hi Jessica,

    GRAYL won’t be available in China right away. Great to know there’s interest there. We’ll look into it in the future!

  • Jarery

    Recently purchased the Grayl. Great piece of kit.

    I travel about 3 months a year to Asia, Europe, and South America. This is one of my best purchases for making life easier when i travel. No more waking up in an hotel and having to purchase the overpriced water from the mini bar. Or having to buy water to brush my teeth. Now i can just use tap water, filter it, and have confidence in it. The amount of bottled water i buy on trips will make this payoff in no time.

    Workmanship is outstanding, as was their customer service. Even to a Canadian address :)