How the Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleat Changed the Game

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The Nike Mercurial Vapor is that thing older fans like remark about when randomly watching soccer on television. The trailblazer for all of those bright colored boots you see today, the Mercurial Vapors represent Nike’s first foray into the synthetic speed boot market that the swoosh has come to define. Signing some of the best players in history, including a couple guys named Ronaldo, to wear the lightweight boots certainly did not hurt their chances of reaching the heights they occupy in today’s football swag pantheon. This How the Nike Mercurial Soccer Cleat Changed the Game.

Carter Daly is the owner/editor of The Beautiful Gear, co-founder of Dirty Tackle and a contributor to Sneaker Report. He produces lush soccer stuff everywhere he goes and will most definitely be there when the USA wins that first World Cup. Keep up with his antics on Twitter, yo.


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  • Shoeb1e

    The superflies posted are fake…

  • sneakerfreak

    wow who wrote this article.. those aren’t vapor IIs, the superfly’s are fake, and C. Ronaldo is wearing vapor vi’s not ix’s this is a joke stick to writing about jordan’s lol

  • Dr. Boots

    God awful….The history is wrong, the boots are wrong, the details are wrong. As the creator and moderator of BigSoccer’s Equipment and Gear forum (Dr. Boots) I am a bit offended at this. If you want a better article written next time, give me a call or an email. I’ll sort you out.