How to Train for Your Next Mud Run in Any Environment

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run lead2 How to Train for Your Next Mud Run in Any Environment

Posting photos from your Tough Mudder team on Instagram has become as popular as posting pictures of your brunch or of yourself making a duck face in a mirror while flexing. Many other mud runs have sprung up to fill folks new found need to strap on a bandana, dive through mud, and take dope pics of the whole experience. Here’s the problem. How do you train for your mud run? If you are in the country or even a less dense suburb, you can run down to a farmer’s fallow corn field or an abandoned construction site and get your mud on. What about if you are a city dweller? How can you train for your mud run when there is an absence of mud? One of our intrepid reporters was sent to find out.

Equipped with a pair of Merrell Mix Master 2‘s and an adventurous attitude, Sneaker Report have found how to train for your next mud run in any environment.


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