INTERVIEW: Nike SB Designer Shawn Carboy Talks Koston 2

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Nike Skateboarding designer Shawn Carboy has worked with Eric Koston on a lot of Nike shoes. For over a year they toiled to produce the Koston 2, the great skate shoe that is in stores today. The most noticeable difference from the original Koston is the fit, the interior of this shoe envelops feet with a comfy, protective grasp. As with any great shoe, you'll forget you have them on.

So to learn more about Nike's latest skate shoe, Sneaker Report spoke with Carboy last week at a Nike Koston 2 launch in LA. Hear about Nike's strengths and how they worked for the shoe, how golf influenced the upper's design and how the shoe's complex internal components all came together.

Interview by Reggie Altema (@HaitianReggie)

Is it true that the Nike Golf Swingtip and it's technology impressed you enough to incorporate its elements in the design of the Koston 2?
Yes. Eric and I were really excited about the way the thin sole moved and the way it grabbed the ground. When we started talking about the 2, we realized we had done something with basketball with the Koston-Kobe so we wanted to do something completely different, but with a classic style like an Oxford construction. This idea made sense because we really wanted to get the laces out of the way when we're skating. So then we were thinking about whether or not to keep the toe box clean and we went through 50 iterations of what this could be. It was so simple but then again you never know how it will turn out. Seeing what the Swingtip guys did we felt like it might be cool to do so we went back to the drawing board and came up with this. The sidewall construction was all about breathability. When we were working with this shoe we really wanted to focus in on breathability and fit. For the breathability we felt like the design was ideal. The saddle construction gives you a better fit because it's an Oxford. When you put it on you instantly feel like it's going to hold your foot.


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