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KNOW YOUR TECH: Nike Hyperposite

KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is Nike Hyperposite. Not to be confused with last year’s Nike Max Hyperposite basketball sneaker, this technology builds off of the combination that model introduced. The Max Hyperposite made use of Nike Hyperfuse and Foamposite tech, but Hyperposite technology takes it to another level by actually blending the two innovations. First introduced in the LeBron XI as part of the always-groundbreaking LeBron James signature line, Hyperposite tech promises to make LeBron’s latest model the most advanced yet.

What is it? Nike Hyperposite technology is a combination of Hyperfuse and Foamposite. Taking full advantage of the durable properties of both materials, Hyperposite is designed to provide a protective shell during intense play.

How does it work? Hyperposite works by merging Nike’s Hyperfuse and Foamposite innovations to create a lighter structure with less bulk than previous Foamposite iterations. It also allows for thicker applications of the material to be applied in key contact areas, resulting in an armor-like shell for the foot.

Notable products: Nike LeBron 11

Bottom line: Nike Hyperposite continues to push the envelope by improving on existing technologies for serious players.

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Nike Breaks Down Hyperposite Technology in the LeBron 11

  • Nene33

    See, this can’t be true, Hyperfuse is a 3-layer construction, not a material. Hyperposite is a light-foam, so which material did they use, to create the foam?

    PhyPosite(from the LeBron V) was Phylon turned into a foam shell.

    I’m all for innovation, but please no ‘magic-tricks’ in explaining what it is.

    • Riley Jones

      Nene33, thanks for your great contributions here in the comments!

      From what I have gathered, Hyperposite technology is more of a Foamposite-based material with Hyperfuse-like enhancements to cut down on the weight and allow for less bulk. Be sure to check back for a full Nike LeBron 11 review.

      • Nene33

        Ah, I see, so it’s more of a construction(foam, fused together with the rest of the shoe), rather than a material, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

        And keep up the good work, I love your site.

  • Kozu6

    A synthetic material which begins as a polyurethane liquid and is molded into the tough, foam-like upper , and hyperfuse is a method to get different materials together , not the frame itself ! thats what makes it fused frame ;) they use high pressure and hot steam to get materials to stick ;)