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KNOW YOUR TECH: Reebok 3D Fuse Frame

KNOW YOUR TECH breaks down the scientific technology used in your favorite sneakers and activewear. Let’s demystify your next purchase: today’s technology is Reebok 3D Fuse Frame. Used in a variety of the brand’s running and training sneakers, 3D Fuse Frame has been one of the prominent performance updates in the brand’s latest basketball models. Moving forward, this seamless, lightweight construction will likely become one of the brand’s tech staples.

What is it? Reebok 3D Fuse Frame is a lightweight, synthetic construction used on the upper of the brand’s running, training, and basketball sneakers. Helping to reduce bulk while adding sturdy support, Reebok 3D Fuse Frame has a plastic/synthetic feel that forgoes seams for an efficient and sleek design. 

How does it work? Reebok 3D Fuse Frame works by shedding unnecessary bulk from the upper of sneakers in favor of a durable yet lightweight seamless synthetic construction. Through the use of ventilation cut-outs, Reebok 3D Fuse Frame also adds breathability to keep athletes cool and dry during intense activity. 

Notable products: Reebok Q96, Reebok Pumpspective Omni, Reebok ONE Trainer 1.0, Reebok Ziglite Rush

Bottom line: Whether you’re looking to kick off basketball season in a revamped classic or log miles in a lightweight model, consider Reebok 3D Fuse Frame technology. 

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  • Charles

    Anyone else see this as a reply of the Flyknit vs. Primeknit debacle. Last time I checked Adidas owns reebok. This is basically a subversive way for adidas to take a stab at nike’s hyperfuse.

    • urriah

      as far as i remember nike lost that case since you can’t file a patent for knitting…

      i think the same thing will happen if they push a similar case with fuse since nike didn’t invent fusing uppers (err, look at running shoes of old)

    • Nene33

      Fusing materials was done WAY before Nike made it a ‘marketable thing’, it’s basically how all heat-based glues work.
      And it was done by all brands(nearly all uppers are ‘fused’ to the sole, have been for well over 50 years), it’s a way to build shoes, not a ‘technology’, just like knitting, it’s a technique.

  • jed

    I got this one last november and i like it. And it is very light to use