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Oregon Suspends Two Basketball Players For Selling Team-Issued Gear

What happens when college athletes get busted trying to sell team-issued gear? SUSPENSIONS GALORE.

That’s exactly what University of Oregon basketball players Ben Carter and Dominic Artis found out the hard way, as the duo was suspended form the team indefinitely after an internal investigation concluded that both athletes, as well as three former players, sold exclusive team edition basketball shoes, most likely Air Jordans.

Selling team gear and apparel is in violation of NCAA bylaw, which prohibits student-athletes form receiving extra benefits. Here’s what Carter and Artis had to say in regards to the suspension:

Artis: “I want to apologize to the University, to Coach Altman and to my teammates for selling team apparel. I regret my actions and do not want this situation to define me or my character.”

Carter: “As a student-athlete at Oregon, I recognize that I have a responsibility to represent our team and our University at all times with the utmost of integrity. I regret the decision to sell the apparel and I am grateful to the NCAA and to the University for the opportunity to make amends.”


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  • Smith

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with this. They were just doing the public a favor.

  • Nene33

    These problems will keep happening until the NCAA, and Colleges admit they’re a semi-pro sport.

    The imbalance creates a ‘bottom-line’ attitude in players, it’s also why there’s no FUNDAMENTALS left in basketball, but that’s another discussion.