Ranking Every Kobe Based on Playability

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KB8 II Outsole copy

The concept of a signature sneaker has been around for awhile, and even though Michael Jordan may have been the first to interject things like his favorite cars, watches and things that inspired him into the design process, Kobe Bryant’s legacy in the footwear world will probably end up being his unmatched attention to detail when it comes to things centered around performance.

“Kobe is one of the most intelligent, articulate and creative, not just athletes, but individuals that I’ve met,” beams his Nike designer Eric Avar. “It’s fun, and it’s an honor to work with him, and I think it reflects that in the product.” Kobe wanted a low-top, so he got a low-top. He wanted more lateral support and “faster response time” on his slashing cuts to the key, so Nike made a more protruding outrigger to keep him locked in. He’s had specific requests to help maximize his game (and help him one day match MJ’s 6 rings) and he’s looked to innovate throughout the years as much as anyone else.

Through the years, Kobe’s imprint and insistence on creating some of the best playing shoes has resulted in one of the most impressive performing signature lines that the industry has even seen. That begs the question — which ones are the very best? We’ve ranked every single Kobe Bryant signature shoe, dating back to his fleet of four models with adidas Basketball, and his batch of nine Nikes, from worst to best. Let us know which pairs you most enjoyed playing in, which ones fell short of the mark, and if you agree with our ranking in the comments section below.


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  • jermaincolebigkritwale

    Kobe 6’s arch destroyed my own arch and still can’t walk normally cuz it moved apart of my bone. For real. Four is mad good tho

  • Jose Torres Jr

    Love the No. 8 – Kobe III only would customize the lace to either laker purple or laker gold…

  • Jay Brodes

    my two favs are the nike kobe iv and kobe vi, the kb8 system is pretty dope. as per his adidas.never rocked the kobe1 or crazy1 but the kb8 aka crazy8 and the kobe dunk champion kix were dope!

  • Jordy

    Everyone who said that the picture used for the Kobe 7 is the Kobe 8 is an idiot. Seriously, put a “Year of the Horse” colorway on the Kobe 5 or 6 and of course they would look similar, but they’re still not the same damn shoe.

  • Enrique Herrera

    Don’t ever comment on anything ever again

  • Enrique Herrera

    Holy fuck it really is

  • Hof

    Acctually you could swap midsoles in the kobe VII, and one of the options was lunarlon.

  • Bronze Turtle

    It’s known as the Crazy 8, not the Crazy 98 nor Crazy 1. God damnit.