The Shoes That Won Last Night: Joakim Noah Gets 2nd Trip-Dub in 3 Games

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March 5

Image via USA Today

A triple-double in basketball is one of the hardest stats to come by. Nearly every superstar pulls of the feat a handful of times throughout their careers, but many great players can go through lengthy dry spells without any triple-doubles at all.

After the performances he’s been turning in as of late, Chicago’s Joakim Noah is well on his way to both the ‘superstar’ and ‘great’ titles. In his last three games, Noah has recorded two triple-doubles, his most recent coming in last night’s win over Detroit. He had 10 points, 11 boards, and 11 assists as Chicago powered to a 105-94 win over the Pistons. Things are looking up for the Bulls program, who suffered a setback earlier in the season with the injury of Derrick Rose. In their last 10 games, they’re a solid 8-2, and they’ve got a firm grip on the second place position in the Central Division at 34-27.

Around the league, Sacramento’s Isaiah Thomas, Washington’s Trevor Ariza, and Denver’s Ty Lawson also had big nights in kicks that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to hit the gallery above for the full recap.

All this and NCAA men’s coverage as March Madness approaches, plus a hat trick from Neymar in an International Friendly after the break.

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